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                                OLIDENSE –?High Density Aggregate

                                Stability and protection you can rely on in the toughest conditions.

                                The world’s toughest construction challenges call for the world’s strongest materials. OLIDENSE is a natural, high-density aggregate specifically produced by Sibelco for specialist ballast and concrete applications offshore and on dry land.

                                Sibelco: Experts in technical construction materials

                                Product innovation comes from understanding our clients’ project challenges, and it’s our long-standing experience working within the construction environment that led to the development of OLIDENSE.

                                Recognising the need for maximum strength and stability in critical onshore and offshore applications—as well as the commercial pressures facing the industry—OLIDENSE was developed by our geologists and construction experts to deliver on both cost and quality.

                                It is this combination that is seeing OLIDENSE employed in some of Europe’s most complex heavy construction projects. OLIDENSE is ideally suited to:


                                • concrete pipeline coating
                                • wind turbine ballasting
                                • anchoring
                                • oilrig ballasting

                                Onshore/ Construction:

                                • bridges
                                • tunnels
                                • radiation-proofing
                                • counterweighting and ballasting

                                Available in two grades, depending on the technical requirements of your project, OLIDENSE is designed to achieve the perfect weight ratio to strengthen and stabilise your design.

                                When cost is as critical as performance

                                Because OLIDENSE offers such high-density levels, it reduces the need for more expensive ballast materials—meaning you can drive down costs without ever compromising on performance. ?And because it’s produced by Sibelco, supply and product consistency are guaranteed.

                                Our OLIDENSE plant in Norway is connected to our global logistics network via a port, which handles ships up to 75,000 metric tonnes. We own the entire production line from mining to delivery, including geological testing and rigorous quality control, so you can be sure that your materials will be delivered on time, exactly as you need them.


                                If you would like to know more about Sibelco and OLIDENSE, please email us? or complete our contact form below to request a free, 20-minute Skype consultation.

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                                OLIDENSE -?High Density Aggregate


                                OLIDENSE in action

                                Protecting the flow of natural gas into Europe. Nord Stream 2 is an ambitious project to transport natural gas from Russia to Europe via more than 2,400km of pipes under the Baltic Sea.

                                “We were very satisfied with Sibelco’s continuous cooperation and thank the team from Sibelco Nordic AS for the excellent work performed during the whole project.”??Wasco Coatings Germany GmbH

                                Read the story of OLIDENSE’s role in bringing this critical project to life in our case study and read more about the technical performance and specifications of OLIDENSE and its suitability for your project in our Brochure When Density Matters. Please leave your contact details and you will be immediately able to download the case study and brochure. ?


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